Tuesday, February 19, 2013

She's Baaaaaaaaaack!

Hello!  So, nearly one year since my last post, and I decided to start blogging again.  Not because I have so much time (just the opposite really), but more because I feel like my second baby is getting "forgotten" in that I haven't been documenting this pregnancy AT ALL.  Poor kid! Yes, I am halfway through my second pregnancy.  Baby #2 is due near June 24, and it's gone by way too fast.

The pregnancy has been pretty uneventful thus far.  I've felt great.  Just a little nausea in the first trimester, but nothing really notable.  Honestly, I'm so busy working part-time and giving piano lessons and staying at home full-time, that I haven't given this baby/pregnancy a TON of thought.  Not to say we're not super excited--we definitely are!

I had my 21 week appointment earlier this week and everything looked/sounded great.  Just like Gemma, this baby is keeping us guessing with its heartbeat--in the 140s.  My weight gain is completely different this time around.  With Gemma, I think I gained about 1 pound my first trimester and then caught up my second trimester.  This pregnancy, however, my weight gain has been a little more consistent.  I would still say I've gained about the same amount of weight at this point as with my first pregnancy.

I've been staying fairly active, playing volleyball once a week, chasing a toddler around, and doing this video 2-3 times a week.  Overall, I'm feeling pretty good, but I do have evenings where I feel like the day just wiped me out.

And, here is the only photo I have taken of myself while pregnant with baby number #2.

21 weeks 3 days