Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our FurBaby, Harper

Harper is the baby of our house for now. We know we're pretty ridiculous when it comes to our dog, but we love her so much! She's pretty smart and understands a lot of things we say to her. "Are you hungry?" drives her wild. We have had to change it to "Are you starving?" when we talk to each other so Harper doesn't go crazy and keep running back and forth from us to her dish.

Her grandparents love her, too. My mom loves to spoil Harper when she comes over. Jeff's parents are much more obsessed with her, though. We've let them have her for a week or so on a few occasions because they enjoy having her around so much. (They are very protective, too. We found out just how much, when she came home with a doggie carseat!) Linna gets most of the credit for the majority of tricks that Harper knows. Shaking hands, rolling over, and her most recent, jumping through a hoop. (To our credit, we taught her how to get the newspaper recently! We're still working on the drop it part...she brings it in the house and wants us to chase her while she carries it in her mouth.)

Here's a video of Harper showing off her mad hops. (We don't have a hula hoop at our house, so we used an old bat pillow that Jeff made in home economics. ((I didn't even take that! Guess we know who the seamstress will be in our house!)) )

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