Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snow, cold, and sickness

Well, we survived the big snowstorm!  It was actually kind of nice to not be able to go somewhere for once.  I had big plans to get a lot of baking done, only to find that my wonderful husband had used up most of my eggs! Boo. I had to settle for some yummy, homemade cinnamon honey butter.  Jeff got us all plowed out (in about two hours!) on Sunday morning since church was cancelled.  I ran out (its cold out there!) and got my eggs and was able to get a little baking done.

I had been sick last week and stayed home one day and thought I was getting better. But, as the weekend wore on, I started feeling more and more tired. I've been home today and yesterday trying to get my "lady" voice back.  It's pretty stinky being pregnant and sick because you can't take any medicine.  I've been subsisting on hot water and honey and vitamin C drops.  Harper has been keeping me company, so I've at least had a tiny, little heater in bed next to me.  (Its a good thing she snores or I might forget she's there and roll over on her.)  She can be a little annoying when she's awake, though.  She always lays on my belly between me and the laptop (or my book or magazine or whatever I'm doing at the moment) to remind me she needs my attention.

Anyway, other than being sick, I've been feeling really good (pregnancy-wise). It's really nice to have my energy back and to start puttering around the house and getting stuff done. I think I felt the baby move Friday night, and I've noticed my lower abdomen getting hard.  It's pretty crazy! I'm really enjoying pregnancy for the most part and am excited to start showing a little more.  

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