Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, I've clearly been a slouch in the blogging department lately.  Boo for me.  I'll try to be better. :)  Since I've last posted I've:

-had baby shower #3. (I still need to get photos from my mama!)
-set up a high chair, a pack-n-play, and a  baby seat
-hung curtains and painted my old changing table
-finished all of my prepared childbirth classes in addition to breastfeeding class, newborn care class, and car seat safety class
-had my last meeting with our doula before baby comes
-briefly cried because work is so stressful right now
-had girls night with three of my favorite friends
-celebrated a lovely Easter Sunday with my family
-fought a cold for two weeks. (I'm not all about taking any sort of meds when I'm preggo even if the books say certain types are okay.)
-taken my weekly pregnancy photos (just haven't posted them!)
-been jealous of my friends who went to Raw Fusion last night. (I'm determined to go next year!)
-become an auntie again!  Jeff's sister had a beautiful baby named, Esme.
-missed my hubby when he flew to AZ to meet with new babe
-celebrated Jeff's 32 birthday

Things I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks (and will actually try to blog about some of them):
-our 4th baby shower (joint with one of Jeff's co-workers)
-my friend, Katie's, baby shower 
-learning to use a cri-cut to make our mobile. (I'm scared!)
-painting some artwork for the nursery
-packing my bag for the hospital
-installing the car seat and getting it inspected (tonight!)
-buying the last few things we need for baby and baby's arrival
-cooking and freezing meals for after delivery
-my niece's 4th birthday
-pedicure night with a bunch of neighbors next week
-my weekly doctor's appointments (starting tomorrow! no pictures of that though. ha!)

Man, I'm so glad there is nothing on my calendar in the next few weeks so I can actually do some of these things!  I'm getting more and more excited to meet our little one, but am trying to enjoy the time I have left before my world completely changes.

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