Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

Two weekends ago, we celebrated my oldest nephew's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was one of my worst nightmares come true.  I have been to Chuck E. Cheese once before in Detroit while visiting my sister and her three boys, but we went on a weekday afternoon and it wasn't busy at all. This time around, I was not prepared for the chaos at all.  This Chuck E. Cheese had recently opened and even though it was a Sunday, it was packed!  (No school the next day for MLK.)  Oi.  (My one saving grace was that we made a trip to Trader Joe's next door beforehand.) My in-law's joined our family for the get together since they live in the same city.  My father-in-law even played a baseball game.  He loves his sports!  

Almost got the high score!
I think D enjoyed himself, though, and I'm glad we could celebrate with him.  I can't believe he's 14 already!  (The same age I was when he was born!)  And, I'm sure he would be embarrassed to know I'm saying this about him, he's a really sweet kid.  I like to razz him quite a bit by trying to be all lovey with him, and he puts up with me pretty well.  I remember when D was probably 10 years old, I pulled him onto my lap to squeeze him and cuddle him (and really just embarrass him).  He said to me, "You and Jeff are going to make good parents one day, 'cuz you're both so nice."  Love that kid!

Smooches for the birthday boy!  He's sporting the new jacket we bought him.

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