Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh, Auto-Correct!

Just had to share a funny that happened to Jeff the other night.  It literally had me in tears. 

Jeff and I were winding down for the evening and were nerding it up in bed.  (We were playing Scrabble. He on  his iPod Touch and me on my iPad.)  Jeff was instant messaging his friend, Adam, while waiting for me to play my turn.  Here's their conversation:

Adam: What are you up to?
Jeff: Not much.  Just in bed, vegging.

Little did Jeff know that before he hit SEND, his iPod auto-corrected "vegging" to "begging"!

Adam's response: Oh. Erotic?

HAHA!  Man, that had me in stitches for a good half hour!  I'm lucky I was able to fall asleep!

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