Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, Resolutions, and the Highlight of My Year So Far

New Year’s Eve was pretty low key for us this year since I am preggers and am usually the one to dance on the tables. (Just kidding! Sorta.) We had some friends over to our place for a yummy (mostly) homemade Chinese dinner. Everything was delicious, even though we had a small snafu. Jeff forgot to start the rice cooker, so our rice wasn’t done until quite a while after the rest of our food. Oops! My favorite part is our homemade potstickers anyway. We just lazed the rest of the night around, played some pool, and chatted. Is this what it feels like to get old?

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. Not ones that I put into writing anyway. Then, I would have to look back and remember what I failed at! So, this year I’m resolving to get back into working out on my nights off from volleyball. I had fallen off the wagon when I wasn’t feeling the greatest for a couple of weeks. I had the best intentions of getting back into it, but then I came down with that terrible cold. I’d also like to get back into a regular cleaning schedule. I keep a google calendar with a schedule, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever kept it. Our house is pretty sizeable, so I think a plan would help me to not be so overwhelmed.

And, because I am a giant nerd, I have to share the highlight of the year so far. I had a block against a middle hitter in women’s volleyball last night! For you vertically challenged people like me, this is huge! Usually I “attempt” to block, but never get anywhere near a block. Not only did I get the block, but Jeff was there to witness it! (He doesn’t usually come to my games.) I’m especially proud since I’m carrying about 7 pounds of extra weight around right now. This highlight will be short lived, as we have our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow. Even though we’ve decided not to find out the gender of baby, I’m beyond excited to see our baby moving around again!

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  1. It was definitely a stellar block. I would also say the 'shoulder punch' was another highlight :)