Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Names

Now that our babe is only a few, short months from arriving, Jeff and I have tried to really narrow down our name choices.  I've had a list of favorite names since before we even got married, but I don't think future childrens' names crossed Jeff's mind that early in life. :) 

I like unique (not top 100, but not made up) names.  Probably because I have a unique name myself.  Jeff doesn't care too much about that aspect of choosing a name.  Since we found out we were expecting, I'd say, "What do you think about this name?" and Jeff's response would be, "Meh. It's alright."  But, he never comes back with any suggestions of his own! Talk about frustrating. One night after I had gone to bed, he emailed me some of his top picks.  I hated them all.  Well, hate is a strong word.  All of his boy names ended with an -en or -on which does not sound good with our last name. Boo. And, his girl names were all super trendy.

Jeff even went through a phase where he said he wanted to choose a name that had some meaning to him. Now, most people would think that means a family name or something of the sort. Jeff? Nope. He suggested Ryu for a boy because that was his "man" of choice growing up playing the video game, Streetfighter. Oi. Are you kidding me?  No way.  Jeff is also obsessed with electronics, computer, iPods, etc.  Jokingly, I suggested we use Apple as a middle name if we had a girl.  You should have seen his face light up! He was so excited.  Too bad I wasn't serious.  To make up for my cruel joke, I bought the baby this onesie:

We are getting closer and closer to choosing names.  We've narrowed it down to a very short list for both genders, and have pretty much settled on the names.  We do want to have a couple of other options ready, though, in case the baby comes out and we decide that (s)he just does not fit the name. 

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