Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary...Er, Next Year

I thought today was our engagement anniversary, so I emailed hubby to tell him "Happy Engagement Anniversary!" He emailed back and said, "Oh, yeah! Spaghetti and fortune cookies for dinner?"

A little background about our proposal story.....

Jeff only makes two dishes-one being a Chinese dish, spicy chicken and green beans, and other being spaghetti.  One night he offered to make me dinner.  Knowing I had two choices, I picked spaghetti.  I thought it was pretty weird when he offered me a fortune cookie for dessert.  In fact, I said, "No thanks" after giving him a weird look.  He insisted I at least read my fortune, at which time, I knew what was coming.  My ring was inside the cookie.

The story is kind of funny because not only did I unknowingly refuse the ring at first, but I deterred his plans in advance, too.  Jeff kept saving fortune cookies every time he got take out, and I kept throwing them away because I thought it was dumb that he was saving them for no good reason.  Also, I chose the "wrong" meal.  The fortune cookie thing would not have been nearly as weird had we dined on spicy chicken and green beans. (I asked him why he gave me a choice! He should have just said he was cooking me the Chinese dish!)

Anyway, after our email exchange this morning, I realized that our engagement anniversary is actually on the 29th of February.  Jeff thought it was smart to propose on leap year so that he would only have to remember the date once every four years. (I would think that would make it more difficult...but whatever!)  I don't think we'd actually do anything too special to celebrate anyway, but its kind of fun to use the date as a reminder of a special day in our lives. So, I'll remember to wish him a happy engagement anniversary NEXT YEAR! :)

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