Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The things I do for vanity

I’ve been doing Invisalign treatments for a little more than a year now.  My teeth were never extremely crooked, but my front teeth stuck in slightly and I had a significant overbite.  No overlapping teeth, no gaps, etc.  My teeth always bugged me though, so, I decided that Invisalign would be a perfect solution.  No metal braces in my late twenties. I imagine that would only increase the number of times I’d be mistaken for a student at work.  

Anyway, I went for my check yesterday thinking that it would be my last check.  I knew that one of my eye teeth wasn’t moving like it should, so I was prepared to have to wear the liners for another two weeks or month.  Nope. It will be one more YEAR! Even though the whole process has gone pretty smoothly, I’m pretty disappointed.  I was looking forward to not having to take out liners every time I eat something. Not having to brush my teeth 5 times a day.  Bah!  

I’m just trying to be grateful that I will have straighter teeth at the end of all of this.  Look on the bright side, right?

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