Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am super late in posting about this, but it was too fun to skip over.  Gemma and I were invited over to my friend, Ann's, house for a little Saturday morning play date with Ann's two boys, Thomas and Henry.  Thomas is 3 and Henry is 4 months older than Gemma--so about 11 months now.

I wondered how our first playdate with the Johnsons would go. Would the boys want to play with my little girl? Would Thomas be bored with my not very mobile Gemma?  My worries were immediately eased when I had a text exchange with Ann to let her know that we were running a little late. "No problem! Thomas is all ready for Gemma, lining up his cars for her."  Indeed, Thomas was adorable with my little G.  He separated out the "hard" cars that were too big for her and the softer, rubber cars that she could play with.

Henry played quite nicely, too, and tried to teach Gemma how to army crawl (something she has not picked up on yet).  Ann and I, or course, had great conversation along with our delicious coffee. It was fun catching up and we can't wait to get together again.

Henry and Gemma playing cars

Photo time! Gemma was so cute--she kept putting her hand on Thomas.

And, Thomas can read the a flirty signal apparently! I think you're both a little too young! ;)

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