Tuesday, March 29, 2011

31 weeks

Now just posting even though I'm almost to 32...but I'm okay with it!  I started feeling a lot of pressure "down there" recently.  It makes me awfully uncomfortable to walk, cross my legs, stand on my left leg (the pressure is on the left side), etc.  It's funny, though, I'm kind of getting used to it after dealing with it for nearly a week.  Guess the babe wants to prepare me for labor very early on! :)

Weight of baby during week 31: about 3.3 pounds (4 navel oranges)
Length of baby: 16 inches
-My belly button is closer to popping out!  I'm not sure if it will completely pop out or not, but there's tiny bump in the middle of it now. Very weird!
-We watch the live birth without medication, c-section, and birth with meds at childbirth class last night.  I cannot handle this stuff. I am NOT meant to be in the medical field, that is for sure! 
-My mom finished the curtains for the nursery and Jeff is planning to paint this weekend.  So excited!  I also checked out the changing table my mom used for me.  I'm in love with it!  I'm going to paint it a greenish color to coordinate with the curtains.  I'm so excited everything is coming together!

31 weeks. 1 day.

In other exciting news:

-I had my first shower last weekend.  It was a wonderful time and deserves its own post.
-Jeff's sister had her baby yesterday! A beautiful little girl who has yet to be named. :) (It's narrowed down to two choices, but we are still waiting to hear!)  I'm not sure when we'll be able to see her in person as they live in Phoenix, but the pictures I've seen show a gorgeous baby!


  1. How about a nursery in progress post please? :)

  2. There has not been any progress yet except for the decluttering of the room and closet. Don't think that would be a very fun post! Maybe next week?!