Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes, I Have Turned Into One of THOSE Dog People

I figured I should devote a little post to the favorite little lady in my house--my doggie, Harper.  I'm beginning to become a little wracked with guilt thinking about the possible neglect and jealousy she may feel in the upcoming months.  My hope is that we can help her adjust to a new baby in the house and be able to give her the attention she needs.

She is  pretty spoiled and we can only blame ourselves for that.  She is just so much like a little human to us, though!  She and I have our morning routine and I quite like it.  I get her out of her kennel. I let her out to pee. I feed her. I let her out to poop. Then, I cradle her in my arms, grab my quilt and lay her on the bathroom floor while I take a shower.  She either goes back to sleep, grooms herself or snoops around the bathroom.

She does so many cute things and has so many cute expressions, I can't help but love her more and more every day. She'll sneak off and snooze in our bed. She crawls under the blankets and licks Jeff's legs. When we turn on our fireplace, she sleeps right in front of it until she gets too hot.  Then, she gets up and lays somewhere to cool off before going right back for more. She lays on the bottom of our console table in the front entryway because that's where the sunlight hits from our front door sidelights.  She gets really sad and tries to skulk away when you ask her if she wants to take a bath.

I've become really amazed at the things she can do and the words/phrases she knows.

Tricks Harper can do:
Roll over
Go to sleep
Shake hands
Lay down
Get the newspaper

Words/Phrases Harper knows:
Are you hungry?
Do you want to eat?
Want a treat?
Where’s daddy/mommy?
Do you want to take a bath?
Bad dog
Naughty girl
Lexi (my friend Katie’s dog)
Rocky (Harper’s brother)
Get your bone!/Where’s your bone?
Want to go for a walk?
Get in your kennel/bed.

Okay, okay. Now that I've officially become one of those crazy dog people, I should probably end this ridiculously long post about my dog....but not before I share a photo of her! :)


  1. Okay, fairly hilarious that you're documenting this.

  2. Oh. Harper. What a lucky girl.

  3. Aleta, our dogs need to meet! They sound so alike! Skylie is like a little human to us, I swear she understands English. She knows just as many tricks and commands as Harper does.

    (Not sure why my name shows up as Mr. Bushman, lol! this is Katie!)