Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Shower #1

My long time friend, Katie, hosted my very first baby shower for me this past Saturday with help from my good friends Sarah and Angie.  It was so fun to have all of my good friends in one place at one time!  It seems like my evenings and weekends are full with family gatherings, baby classes, etc., which doesn't leave much time for spending time with my lovely ladies. 

The shower was wonderful.  I was relaxed and happy, the day was sunny. :)  Being the guest of honor at such a nice event reminded me to be thankful for all of the thoughtful friends I have that love me and support me.  I received many thoughtful gifts and lots of advice!  I'm very blessed.

Opening gifts!

Christy, me, Angie, and Sarah. Can you believe the two girls surrounding me just had babies? They look fabulous!

Katie (the hostess) due in late August, Katie due in late June, and me. Buddies from high school.

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