Friday, May 27, 2011


I am now dialated to 1.5 cm. Boo.  Dr. said the baby has definitely dropped, though, and I am more anterior now.  Still 50% effaced.  My doctor actually seemed to be happy with the progress.  She stripped my membranes and I'm hoping that gets things going!  My doctor is going to be gone Saturday and Sunday, but I don't really care at this point if she is around to deliver the baby.  They really just get there to deliver the baby anyway, right?  I also have a birth plan that we'll be bringing to the hospital, so as long as the on-call doctor can read, I figure I should be fine. (I'm optimistic still!)

I keep telling people other than the sheer hell that is PUPPPs, I wouldn't care if I were pregnant for another 2 weeks. (I know that my doctor would never let that happen, but I'm just sayin'.)  I don't have any swelling, I'm not uncomfortable, etc. 

Speaking of PUPPPs, the Grandpa's Pine Tar soap has been a lifesaver.  I started using it on Wednesday and it has brought me a lot of relief.  Now, it doesn't completely take the itch away, but it has made the itching much more tolerable.  I even quit using my prescription cream.  I wasn't too crazy about using a steroid cream , even though they say its safe.  The soap does smell like campfire and I have to shower at least three times a day, but its completely worth it.  I've even been able to sleep through the night without wanting to itch my skin off!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Keep your fingers crossed that we have baby news to report soon!

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