Tuesday, May 17, 2011

37 and 38 weeks

I wish I had more to report on the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy, but there really isn't a lot to tell! My doctor didn't check me at my 37 week appointment.  She just measured me and listening to baby's heartbeat.  That was the one thing that was different for the first time!  Baby has always had a heartbeat at about 140, and at my 37 week appointment it was in the high 150s/low 160s.  Baby is trying to keep things interesting for me, I guess! 

I had a check at 38 weeks and the only progress was a softer cervix. Also, the heart rate was at 130 this time.   Boo. And, the next day, I seemed to develop something about only 1% of pregnant women get: PUPPP.   Basically, it is a really itchy rash on my tummy right below my belly button. Ugh. How did I get to be SO lucky?! :)  At least I will only have to deal with it for a few weeks, as it apparently goes away a week or two after delivery. 

I'm still feeling pretty good for the most part!  I napped a lot last weekend, but still managed to bake cookies and banana bread, clean and vacuum my car, prune our landscaping, and grocery shop.  I've given up on finishing the nursery until after the baby is born.  There are just too many little things to do that I don't have the patience for right now.  It's in a good place, just not complete.  Baby probably won't sleep in there for the first few months (at least) anyway.

Here are my weekly photos:

37 weeks 2 days. Don't ask me what I'm wearing here.  It was cute, I promise!  Oh, I so need a haircut!

38 weeks 1 day. New camera!  Proof I can take a somewhat decent photo.

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