Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Dreams May Come

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I had a lot of dreams.  They were mostly about the sex of the baby, but some were strange.  Then, in my second and third trimesters the dreams disappeared. They're back now and they're weirder than ever!

The weirdest one I can remember happened last week.  In it, I was holding up my shirt to show my dad my bare belly. (Something I would never do to my dad...)  I told him to put his pointer finger and hold it against my belly because the baby would grip his finger through my skin.  My dad followed my instructions and my belly skin reached around and grabbed his finger.  (Just wait. It gets weirder.)  So then, as my belly skin is enveloping my dad's finger, my dad somehow pulls the baby out through the side of my belly! The baby is about 3 inches big and I'm yelling at my dad to put it back because its not ready to come out yet.  My dad is holding up the baby (dangling it really) between his thumb and pointer finger and saying, "See! It's a boy!"

Next thing I know, the baby (which is white by the way. Oops!) is in the bathtub and its a normal size.  Not sure if that means its like one of those squishy, foam toys you throw in water and they grow or what. 

These dreams are crazy, but kind of fun.  I don't know if I really think dreams mean anything, but I certainly hope they don't come true in this case! 

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