Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maternity Photo Shoot

A few months ago my friend, Tina, asked me if I would be interested in taking maternity photos on the same day as her and one of her friends.  (Tina is due to have a little boy the same day our little bambino is due!)  She said the photographer (a friend of the other friend who would be taking photos with us) was looking to do more maternity shoots.  We'd get our hair and make-up done and get a bit of a discount on the photos and the sitting.  Sounded like fun to me!  I said I was in.

Then, about a month later, as the date of the photo shoot was getting closer, I got an email talking about outfits.  Words like "sexy," "lacy," "big jewelry" were in the email.  I died a little bit inside.  What?!  Oh my word.  I would not describe myself as sexy. Especially not at 30 weeks pregnant (which I was at the time).  I decided to suck it up and step out of my comfort zone a bit. Holy crap!

Here are a couple of the photos:  I actually like a lot of them despite my severe un-photogenic-ness. :)

I will not be posting any other ones as I am only bra and panties, naked in the bath tub, or topless with high heels and boy shorts.  (I know, I know!)  I did also photo shop the name of the photographer off of the photos, too, lest any nosy people should like to try to find me! :)  The photographer really was fabulous though, so its not a slight to her in any way! 

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